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December 20, 2016

How to use the most powerful headlines to grab visitors attention

Fact - Did you know that out of every 10 people who read your headline copy, only 2 will go on to read your article or blog post content?

daily newspaper headline

That interesting and slightly intimidating statistic is from Internet marketing gurus. This useful fact makes you pause and think about the immense power of an alluring, clickable, shareable headline.

Creating a headline that is engaging and makes the reader say - I want to read the whole thing right now! is a crucial part of copywriting success. It can also be a lot of fun if you do it right - brainstorming different ideas, playing with words, creating numerous headlines to get to The One etc.

Because know this - if your headline isn't as badass as your article content, no matter how many hours you spend writing and editing it to your heart's content, hardly anyone will read it.

So, get your mental gears going, dive into this headline-writing guide as we chart out the best ways of writing an insanely enchanting headline that will grab eyeballs and make your readers click on it right away.

Headline Creating Success Tip #1 - How to Write a Super Catchy Headline

Why do a lot of bloggers and content creators neglect the most important part of a piece of online content - the headline?

Nobody wants potential visitors glossing over their article's headline in the search engine results and skipping to more catchy ones.

Don't think of your headline as the cherry on the cake; it's the base layer of it or the half the cake itself!

To write the most magnetic headlines possible, spend some time deliberating over them. Or as some expert bloggers do, create 20-25 headlines and then choose the best one.

Ask friends or family about which headline would they prefer to read, or find more clickable.

At the end of the day, if you spend time and money on marketing your content and creating it, but fail to design an awesome headline, it will all be worth nothing.

Headline Creating Success Tip #2 - Create a Classic How-to Headline to Attract Readers

How-to headlines have worked for centuries; or for as long as the internet has been alive. They are to-the-point, interesting and deliver results every single time.

This is a super easy way of increasing more visitors to your sites and blogs. Just make sure that you deliver what you promise in your headline.

These headlines don't even have to start off with a classic how-to.

Take a look at the following examples to know more about the how-to headline copy:

"How to Have a Healthier and More Energetic Body in a Week"

"11 Steps to Successfully Designing Magnetic Content for Your Blogs"

"44 Incredibly Ways of Cooking for Kids: The Ultimate Kids' Food Guide"

Headline Creating Success Tip #3 - Give Something Extra to Entice Them More

You can get amazing results with your headlines by just providing a little something extra in each one.

couple reading news

Here's how this works: create a stunning headline and then add in a second sentence to allure readers over to your blog. This sentence should say something about the content in an enigmatic manner.

Take a look - "9 of the Most Beautiful Pictures of Twin Babies. The Last One Brought Me to Tears."

Did you get it?

The first part of your headline tells the readers what you're offering. The second one grabs them by the throat and drags them to your webpage.

But be wary of using this trick too often as your readers might bore of it quickly; once in a while will work wonders for increasing your readership.

Headline Creating Success Tip #4 - Identify a Pain Point or a Problem and Then Solve It

Seems pretty simple, right?

This technique is one of the best ways of attracting more visitors because people with problems want answers or solutions right away.

So, beating around the bush here doesn't work. It might actually work against you if you try that.

Almost all major brands and companies help themselves to the usage of emotional triggers to make their headline copy magnetic. Scroll through the headlines of DailyMail, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan etc. to know their killer headline style.

A few examples here:

"5 Instant Energy Boosters for a Great Day"

"Financial Guru: From A Hundred to a Hundred Thousand"

"Back Pain Relief: 3 Incredible Breakthroughs" - This one was taken from Reader's Digest - another online giant with amazing headlines you can learn a lot from.

Headline Creating Success Tip #5 - Capitalise on the Power of Numbers

Make your headline stand out from the rest of the search engine results by using a number or two in there. People are mesmerized by numbers and lists. Everyone loves reading list articles - they are easy on the eyes, give you a lot of interesting content in bite sized pieces and are scrollable as well.

Here's how you do it:

"17 Secrets These Celebrities Don't Want You to Know...Ever!"

"22 Best Organic Skincare Tips for a Glowing You"

"100 Most Useful Websites for All Parents"

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