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December 19, 2016

Make money with your Blog

There are various ways to start an internet business and make money online, but most of them start with creating a blog. Even if your main business is operating an eBay or Amazon store, or even providing a personal service, there are still ways to use your blog to make money.

Make money with blog

In fact, your blog can be used to create multiple streams of income that is automated and accumulated earnings 24/7. Once you know the different ways that your blog can make money, not only can you supplement your income with just a few hours a week, but you can create an online empire that makes you money when you sleep.

Sell Affiliated Marketing Products

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest methods used to make money online. Blogs are vital to affiliated marketers, as they provide a way to sell their products and collect a commission with outs appearing to be pushy or strongly sales oriented. Promoting the online sales of products on your webpage can take many forms.


Some products sell well with attractive banners and buttons that can be placed in various locations on your blog. Other items require more education in order for the customers to make an informed decision when deciding to purchase the product you are promoting, so a comparison posts may suffice in this instance. Regardless of the method used, affiliated marketing involves the selling of other people's products for a commission on each sale, and which case commissioners can range from just a few dollars to thousands of dollars per sale.

Sell or Rent Your List To Other Marketers

If you have optimize your blog page, you have a lead capture page that accumulates the names and email addresses of all your willing blog visitors. If this is the case, your lists in itself is invaluable. In fact, the longer your list is the more money it is worth to other Internet and affiliate marketers who are looking for clients that fits a certain demographic that they otherwise do not have access to.

get leads

These marketers will pay a lot of money to have you blast an email to all of your subscribers, recommending their product or services to them as highly recommended. If you manage to sell this service to only one marketer per week, you can create another stream of consistent income derived from another marketer sales.

Once you build a list of marketers who get good results from your lists and want to advertise to them regularly, you may even consider selling your lists for a lump-sum for their own use or simply contracting with them to advertise new products whenever they launch. In either scenario, this could be a very lucrative opportunity for you to make money from your blog.

Guest Blog Posts

Just like Internet marketers will pay you to advertise to your email list, companies and websites will pay you to post a blog about them on your webpage in order to send some of your traffic to their site.

gest post

Blog posts are another way to maximize the use of an established audience, and best of all it can become a consistent source of income. You do not even have to write the blog post, in many instances, you can have a freelance writer construct the perfect blog posts for you based on your directions, which makes the entire process simple and almost entirely automated.

Sell Products From Your Amazon Store Using Product Reviews

Many blog owners right product reviews for other companies and charge money for writing it and posting it on their page in front of their audience. While this is a great way to make extra money using your blog, it does require the commitment of either writing the content constantly or investing the money and having the content produced in order to generates the sales of product reviews.

Amazon warehouse

But there is a another way that you can use product reviews on your blog pays in order to create another stream of income and make more money. You could create your own online store and sell your products by doing reviews of your own products.

While this may sound complex, it is actually very simple. Simply create an Amazon store where you list popular items that can be sold and drops shipped directly to your clients, write product reviews on your blog page that favorably compares that product to others and discusses the pros and cons of the products in a positive light.

Once you have determined the different methods you are going to use to monetize your blog, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the theme of your blog is consistent with those goals.

You also want to enhance the connectivity of your blog to your social media profiles so that you optimize the various demographic audiences that you have already accumulated. You want to do that across each of the platforms by making sure readers of your blogs can access all of your social media profiles and vice versa.

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