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December 19, 2016

Boost your website with testimonials

When thinking about what to include on an internet business website, many things come to mind. There are product descriptions, links to purchasing products, information about the company, etc. But one must remember that testimonials are vital to include on a website. Testimonials provide social proof that a product is worth purchasing, they get people socially involved, and they lead to increased sales.

Social proof is different from a product description. A product description tells customers how a product works, or at least what the product's function is, but a product description doesn't prove that a product works.

In order to prove that a product really works, the internet business owner will need to include several accurate testimonials on his website. These testimonials can come in a variety of different forms, such as a blog. In the blog style, the website owner will usually post updates about the product and post relevant testimonials next to the updates.

For example, if the product is a ride-sharing service, then the internet business owner may post an update to the blog when new features are added to the app that people use to order rides. Then, the internet business owner would want to post a testimonial of how easy the app is to use or how fast the app is in the blog. This basic model can be applied to any product.

In addition to offering social proof, testimonials get customers socially involved with the products. Some websites are set up so that they show peoples' tweets about the company's products, for example. These tweets can be considered a type of testimonial.

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Then, there are websites that have the comments feature enabled so that customers can comment on products. Comments are another type of testimonial. Both comments and tweets are proven to get customers more engaged with the product, simply because customers feel that they are able to express their views about a product.

People like to have their voices heard, and customers of internet businesses are no different. As long as internet businesses have at least one way for customers to get socially involved, they should be poised for success.

Thus far, we have discussed three types of testimonials, and a brief recap is necessary. There is the type of testimonial that an internet business owner reads over and adds in next to information about the product, there are tweets, and there are comments. It's worth mentioning, though, that there are other forms of testimonials as well.

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Sales are perhaps the most important thing for an online business, and this is another area where testimonials are key. When people read testimonials, they see that other people have purchased a product and are satisfied with it.

People may also read over other information on the website, such as the product description, but they will definitely pay attention to the testimonials. Testimonials give customers confidence that they are buying the right product for their needs, especially when they can relate to the person giving the testimonial.

This is why it's important for online business owners to include testimonials by different types of people on a website. Lastly, testimonials increase sales indirectly. This happens when a customer reads a testimonial and recommends the product to a friend or family member because of the testimonial.

To conclude, it's worth pointing out that it can often be difficult figuring out what the right things to put on a website are, and what the wrong things are. One area where internet business owners can't go wrong is testimonials.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, testimonials will undoubtedly offer social proof, get customers socially involved, and increase sales.

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