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July 12, 2018

Charlie Lee sells his cryptocurrency

Charlie Lee, entrepreneur and creator of cryptocurrency Litecoin sells all of his stock of digital currency and raises questions about the reason for this decision.

cryptocurrency have made a huge impact on the financial market and generated new millionaires in a matter of a few years. (see the example of young Erik Finman)

As Bitcoin has already made many millionaires around the world, many people are aware of other cryptocurrency like Litecoin that may have the potential to also create fortunes for those who know how to seize the opportunity.

Investor Concern

By selling all of his coin inventory recently, Charlie Lee had to explain at least the reasons for making this unexpected decision.

People have begun to imagine that the creator of Litecoin would be discarding the cryptocurrency because of a probable devaluation or death of the coin.

Reasons for concern

Cryptomoedas have shown great volatility and therefore cause a lot of speculation in the market, as investors saw this move of Charlie Lee as something suspicious and were eager for an explanation.

This type of concern has good fundamentals among investors, after all, Litecoin has already appreciated almost 8,000% only in that year.

Charlie Lee explains why he sold his litecoins

The reason for selling all of his Litecoin stock is actually very simple.

Charlie Lee said that because he is the creator of the currency all the communications he makes to the press or social media results in suspicion of speculation to influence Litecoin's quote and enrich himself.

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The official Litecoin site can be found at

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